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There is a number of options to become a resident of UAE. The most popular is through a registration of your own company which grants the right to apply documents for residency in the United Arab Emirates. Not only does such company provide shareholders with residency, it also does provide such option for its employees, if necessary. Note –  the fact of the matter is, that although you are not obliged to perform a business activity through that company in order to get residency status, you can also effectively use it for business and benefit from all the advantages of tax exemption for such companies.

The advantages are many and key of them are: no investment requirement for obtaining residency as a property owner in Dubai. The residency visa of this type is issued for a period of 3 years. Additionally, this visa gives an opportunity of performing business on the territory of UAE.

The majority choose this option of applying for a permanent residency in UAE – through a registration of a company.

The time needed for application of all documents, the company registration and obtaining of residency status depends on the legislation form that you would select for your company. The trade license can be issued from 1 hour to 1 month or slightly longer – depending on the business type and jurisdiction.

The family visas can only be applied after the completion of the company’s shareholder’s visa.


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Asad Abbas International  will assist you and guide you through a hassle-free process than you could imagine. We take care from filling up the application forms, submission and collections of payments and required documents on your behalf, up to obtaining your UAE residence visas and bank account.

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“AAi” is a shortened name for AAZ International Corporate Services, led by Mr. Asad Abbas, Founder and CEO of Asad Abbas & Co. (Chartered Accountants) and supported by highly proficient and experienced team. 


Duly licensed by the Dubai Economic Department with offices in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, the firm provides business set-up and company formation services across UAE. Key services include selection of the correct legal form and locality based on business needs, license registration, business advisory, employee visas obtaining, bank account opening, accounting and payroll outsourcing, financial services advisory, budgeting and taxation advice, provision of secretarial and other services.  


AAi mission is to continuously add value to clients by helping them to develop winning strategies and achieve maximum potential in business operations across UAE. By achieving our mission, we contribute to UAE’s economic growth and prosperity. 


The firm has delivered a great number of top-notch projects and assisted thousands of clients during more than 10 years of successful operations. 


Being part of such prominent market players, AAi guarantees excellent client services of the highest quality, provides local expertise and full scope of services vital to achieving outstanding business growth for clients.