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The offshore company can open an account in a UAE based bank, and also invest in UAE and outside it. The company can also purchase land in a pre-demarcated area in Dubai, and any income gained by the company can be completely kept by itself in the bank account.

Also, there is no need for any minimum capital threshold, which is another key differentiator compared to a Free Zone company. Offshore companies are used as holding companies or asset companies for other organizations operating within or outside the UAE.

Moreover, an offshore company has its own advantages such as less setting up costs, no requirement to lease an office space and eligibility to own real estate. These companies have only office address and are registered in the UAE without being entitled to operate business activities directly in the UAE. The shareholders of offshore companies are not entitled to get residency visas.

  • According to the UAE laws, an offshore company shall not be considered as doing business in the UAE, if it:
  • leases a property to be used as a registered office or owns real property on any free zone areas
  • maintains business records within the UAE
  • holds business meetings with the company members within the UAE
  • holds a bank account in UAE banks for the purpose of conducting its routine operational transactions

There are certain limitations for an offshore company:

  • Can not rent an office space n the UAE 
  • No visas/employment permits granted 
  • No Letter of Credits or any other facilities provided by banks  
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  1. Zero or low taxes
  2. 100% foreign ownership with no involvement or sharing with a local UAE citizen
  3. Duty free environment
  4. Uninterrupted repatriation of profits and proceeds
  5. Highest standards of secrecy and privacy
  6. Making transactions with other businesses
  7. Virtual office facility, no physical space is required for the incorporation of an offshore company
  8. No audit is required for offshore company in Dubai
  9. Zero or low capital requirement and less maintenance and management costs
  10. Massive overheads savings
  11. Incorporation and registration can be done as quickly as within 3 days
  12. Can open corporate bank accounts and hold multiple currencies
  13. No restrictions in the number of directors. Even the shareholder himself is enough if he is capable to run all the business operations across the country.
  14. Advanced UAE infrastructure and supreme privileges
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Which Destination to Choose for an Offshore Company?

RAK International Corporate Centre (RAKICC), based in Ras Al Khaimah Emirate in UAE, is the most popular destination to set up an Offshore Company. RAKICC is an advanced, world-class organization registry operating in full consistency with international norms and best practices in the International Company Formation industry. 

RAKICC combines security and confidentiality as entrepreneurs get the opportunity to exploit 0% income, wealth, and sales tax while corporations use on corporate tax exemptions.
RAKICC Offshore Company can own freehold real estate properties in Dubai without obtaining a Dubai trade license. For this registered offshore companies can obtain a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from RAKICC and register it with Dubai Land Department to be able to purchase the real estate property under the company name. 

For new RAKICC Offshore Companies this is a unique chance to invest into the highly developed Dubai real estate market and enjoy absolute confidentiality as well as protection of assets and information.

Why incorporate an Offshore Company in UAE?

UAE has stable political and economic environment for offshore company formation and business norms do not change with the change in the regime. UAE investor friendly environment and strict adherence to secrecy clause makes it one of the ideal destinations for incorporation of an offshore company.

As there is growing cross-border control and crackdown on tax evasion by many countries, UAE is now seen as one of the last-remaining destination to evade stricter tax regimes and for protection of assets.

Unlike other tax-free havens of the world, UAE offers a trustworthy and reliable structure to offshore companies because it is an independent country with a glorious record for promoting a rich, flourishing culture for international trade, investment, and business.

UAE is considered as a very attractive destination for prospective investors wanting to establish offshore companies here. Investors can live, invest, run businesses and manage their offshore companies by being here in UAE which is an advantage unlike any.

UAE does not have any agreement with any country which makes it binding upon UAE to share or exchange business related information with other governments. Furthermore, UAE has Double Tax Avoidance Agreement with a number of countries which ensures that a company’s products will not become less competitive by getting taxed twice.

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